Food in the Kitchen

Learn to Cook with Simple Recipes

Cooking may not come naturally to some people. They may not have the creativity or experience to throw a bunch of ingredients together and be confident of a tasty outcome. This blog will take novice cooks by the hand and introduce them to simple recipes with precise instructions to follow. Readers will discover how to make fluffy omelets, tasty casseroles and stews, home made soups, fresh chicken dishes, and easy pasta dishes. Unfamiliar ingredients will be explained, and a valuable glossary of terms will help nervous cooks. Learning to cook is a skill that benefits everybody.

Learn Easy Meals to Boost Confidence

25 Mar 2022

For those individuals who are not confident in cooking, learning the basics of a few simple meals is the best place to start. For example, a frittata is easy, and different ingredients can be added to vary the flavor. Other ideas include pasta dishes and stir-fries.

How to Be a Better Cook

15 Feb 2022

Everybody can learn to cook, but using the right equipment can make it more manageable. For example, using a blunt knife can lead to accidents, so it is worth investing in a knife sharpener. Other necessary products include a food processor and a spice grinder.

The Perfect Stir-Fry

5 Jan 2022

A stir-fry is undoubtedly one of those dishes that can be cooked with endless variations. The basics are a protein such as chicken or prawns, a selection of vegetables, and most importantly, the seasonings. All the ingredients should be prepared in advance, and then it takes just a few minutes to cook.

Mastering Basic Skills

28 Nov 2021

When learning to cook, it is worth taking the time to master basic skills. Something as simple as knowing how to finely chop an onion will make a world of difference to many dishes. Cooking rice and pasta correctly, deboning a fish, and perfectly sharpening a knife are necessary for culinary success.