Cookie Thursday: Sparkling Ginger and Chocolate Cookies

Michelle has been nagging suggesting I bring back this feature, Cookie Thursday, from last year; she has written several times about how much she enjoyed reading about what we were baking in our kitchen. Unfortunately, do to insane after school schedules, and lack of interest on the part of the kids (not in eating the

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Cookbook review: Green Market Baking Book

With bees in the backyard, and concerns about high fructose corn syrup and other easily refined sugars in processed food items, I have been considering how to move towards healthier sweeteners in our home. Easy enough when adding syrup to waffles or honey to yogurt, but a little trickier when thinking about baked goods. Fortunately,

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Clean Food Diet, Day Four: Let’s Talk about Sugar

Clean Breakfast, Day Four

High fructose corn syrup. That is really the sugar I am talking about. Oh sure, there is white sugar, which is refined, and brown sugar, and honey and maple syrup, but the one sweetener getting the most attention these days is High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS). The Mayo Clinic has a nice piece on the

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