Chocolate Paleo Oatmeal (recipe)

<place holder for photo that will come Real Soon Now!> Another paleo-friendly recipe that is too good not to share! I have been making the standard Primal Hot Cereal originally from Mark Sisson, with my own little twists including pumpkin puree and dates. Today I experimented again and was richly rewarded! I present: Chocolate Paleo

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Lamb Shanks with Sweet Potatoes and Sausage (recipe)


Sweet Potatoes are a super food, and while I generally associate them with fall and winter cooking, they are good year round. They are great roasted and tossed with pomegranate syrup, mashed with lots of butter and salt as a side dish, made into soup, and sweet potato pie. Every year, I am invited to

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Shepherd’s Pie with Sweet Potato Crust (recipe)


This recipe is so outstanding it deserves a separate post to ensure the recipe sticks around. The combination of ground lamb and sweet potato is spectacular, and this is the kind of dish that is perfect on a cold Sunday, or rainy weekday. I actually made the stew the night before and roasted the sweet

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How to Paleo: Asian-style turkey lettuce cups (recipe)


Short story: Inspired by Kalyn’s Kitchen Asian Lettuce Cups with Spicy Ground Turkey Filling, I modified the recipe for our Paleo diet challenge. Longer version: As I look around each week to plan our menu, search terms often bring me to favorite blogs I have been reading for years. These last few weeks, as we challenge

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