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Family Dinner Plan: Still, the sous vide


Last week I wrote about my new sous vide machine and this week I have had a couple opportunities to play around with the device. The photo above is from dinner on Thursday night, a super easy Teriyaki Chicken Breast that took 45 minutes in the sous vide, just the amount of time I needed […]

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Family Dinner Plan: Mother’s Day and sous vide


   Happy Day After Mother’s Day! The above photo is my lunch from Sunday, cold grilled steak and bell pepper lettuce wraps, with a pickle, of course. Here is my seasonal menu plan for the week of May 10: Sunday: Grilled smoked pork chops, roasted kohlrabi, grilled asparagus and spring onions, strawberries with cream fraiche […]

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Family Dinner: Cinco de Mayo


    I had lunch last week with Marsha at Pizzeria Delfina in Palo Alto, and had an amazing vegetable dish with peas of all kinds – English peas, sugar snaps, snow peas and pea tendrils, topped with a generous dollop of burrata cheese. Outstanding, very seasonal and in the moment. Perfect.   Also, the new […]

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Family Dinner Plan: May flowers


  Lots of birthdays in our house this time of year. The above Strawberry-Filled Angel Food Cake was mine from this weekend, lovingly made for me by the kids. Last weekend we enjoyed a red velvet cake with the best cream cheese frosting I have ever tried. And this week I am going to sneak […]

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Family Dinner Plan: Breakfast for dinner


The Big Guy hates it when I say “breakfast for dinner”, preferring that I instead use the correct “breakfast food for dinner”. No matter what you call it in your house, with half our family members gone for spring break, I plan to serve breakfast food for dinner almost every day this week. Here is […]

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Family Diner Plan: Cocktail craziness


The above book is our new favorite cocktail inspiration. It was recommended to me by the delightful owner of Omnivore Books (all food, all the time) in San Francisco. 901 Very Good Cocktails is full of lists for every imaginable type of drink organized by type, flavor, theme and more. Starting with the 16 Greatest […]

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Family Dinner Plan: Easter week


The best part of the weeks surrounding Easter, at least in this part of California, is that spring is definitely here and you see that every day in the wonderful vegetables available through the local farmers markets. I am excited about this week’s menu because I am enjoying all the wonderful produce! Here is my […]

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Family Dinner Plan: Irish stew and carrots


   Our mystery bag from Farmdoor included a bountiful collection of orange and purple carrots, so this week’s menu will feature carrots a few times. The chickens are also thrilled, since they seem to like carrot tops the best and carrots from local farms tend to include a prolific bunch of tops (see photo above). […]

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Family trip to Switzerland, winter editon


We went to Switzerland for February break this year and here are the highlights: Friday, February 13- Saturday, February 14: Travel to Switzerland We departed from SFO on Friday, February 13, and arrived in Frankfurt, Germany on Saturday, February 14. Our flight from Frankfurt to Zurich was scheduled to depart at 12:30pm, and at about […]

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Family Dinner Plan: The gift of time


Since it is now spring, the above photo should help with the identification of random alliums you might be seeing at the farmers market or in your weekly CSA box. Leeks tend to be round on the bottom near the stem, with flat, dark green outer leaves. Spring onions are bulbous and round at the […]

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Family Dinner Plan: St Patrick’s Day


Mariquita Farms had a mystery box pickup last week, and I am expecting a bag from Farmdoor this week. Lots of veggies, which is great as we are hosting a few friends and family for dinner this week. And we have a special dinner planned for Tuesday to celebrate our favorite Irish-American holiday. Sunday: Roast […]

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Family Dinner Plan: More spring menus


Sunday: Appetizers: French radishes with caraway butter, roasted beet muhammara, pita and veggies; Dinner: Fred’s steak, romaine salad, roasted carrots, steamed broccoli Monday: Pasta with lamb ragù, kale salad, steamed green vegetable Tuesday: Amawele’s sweet potato chicken curry, quinoa and rice, roasted vegetables Wednesday: Leftovers Thursday: Roasted salmon, rice, vegetable or three Friday: TGIF and […]

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