My CSA Box: Almost back to school

Of course, next week’s post will be titled Back to School. Can you tell I might be a little excited?!

The kids are going back to school, and so am I. I needed to mix things up a little bit and our local junior colleges offer great classes at a good price. I will be taking Introduction to Interior Design and Architectural Drafting for Interiors. Not sure I will complete the entire Interior Design program (about 3 years), these classes are to see if the interest in there. The first week went well, we talked about possible career options and looked at samples of different periods in architectural design. While I don’t think of myself as particularly strong in design, I do think there are styles and concepts I gravitate towards. So, let’s explore that.

The summer weather does not seem to be wrapping up, so we are still enjoying casual summer meals. I did bust out the slow cooker for one of last week’s dinners (click the link), and one of the nice things is that the cooker does not really heat up the house. With classes two days a week, plus my Wednesday hiking group (hello Walkie Talkies!), the slow cooker will be used weekly this fall.

Our Fifth Crow Farms box featured Cauliflower, loose Beets, Apples, mixed Lettuces, Purple Artichokes, Rosemary, Chard, Spring Onions, Radicchio, Leeks, Dill and Lemon Cucumbers. Here is my menu plan for the week of August 20:

Sunday: Grilled steaks, Tomato, onion and cucumber salad, dill potato salad, sautéed chard

Monday: Roasted beet and cauliflower with farro salad (might use quinoa to lighten and brighten for end-of-summer) Back-to-school BBQ

Tuesday: Dinner out

Wednesday: Dinner out

Thursday: Grilled pork chops, radicchio salad with anchovy vinaigrette (avocados optional), roasted sweet potatoes Roast chicken from Costco, Crispy Frizzled Artichokes, Braised Leeks with bread crumbs, roasted radicchio salad with balsamic

Friday: TGIF! Possible back-to-school party with pizza, veggie tray (lemon cukes and carrots with hummus), plus brownies and cookies for dessert!