My CSA Box: Roast Pork and backyard parties

We did not get a CSA veggie box this week, as we are just on the cusp of starting a new season with Fifth Crow Farms. However I do have miscellaneous vegetables rolling around in the refrigerator, as well as a couple items in the freezer I’d like to get used up. Here’s my menu plan for the week of May 29:

Monday: Leftover roast pork sandwiches with pickles and cheese, hummus and veggie plate

Tuesday: Leftover roast pork in Thai-inspired peanut sauce with rice noodles, boy choy, carrots and scallions. Inspired by this recipe

Wednesday: Czech meatballs, carrot soufflé, green salad

Thursday: Roast salmon, rice, a couple of green vegetables 

Friday: Dinner out after basketball 

What is on your menu plan this week?