Menu for New Year’s Day

After our holiday travels in December, I was eager to get home and cook. Staying in rental kitchens is always interesting, you are never sure what you will find. This trip, we used an ironing board as counter space in the kitchen, mostly for the toaster and cutting board. Should have taken a photo.

New Year’s Day was a great opportunity to cook at home and our menu was grand, starting with a Swedish Coffee Cake in the morning and finishing with a Slow Roasted Prime Rib for dinner. Here is our complete menu, with links to available recipes:

Swedish Coffee Bread from Simply Recipes

Shashuka with Feta from New York Times Cooking (we also made this in our rental kitchen on Christmas morning)


Slow Roasted Prime Rib from Serious Eats

Yorkshire Puddings from Serious Eats

Braised Carrots from The Food Lab Cookbook

Creamed Spinach from The Food Lab Cookbook

Chocolate Souffle Cakes from Serious Eats

Creme Anglaise from Epicurious