NaBloPoMo: Cut yourself some slack

This time of year, the pressure really starts to increase. And it is not helped by those well-meaning folks who love to comment on how you are doing the holidays:

“You are not making your own crust? But it is so easy!”

“You are not roasting your own pumpkin? But it is so much better”

“You bought the pies? What?!”

Mine are all pie-themed, but you get the gist. We need to remember that the important part of Thanksgiving is being together for the holiday. As I heard recently (or maybe read recently) no one is going to travel 2.5 hours just to try that new recipe you found in your favorite cooking magazine.

Let’s look at possible shortcuts that will make your life easier:

  • pre-made pie dough. You can buy the Pillsbury kind that is already rolled out, or go upscale and buy pre-made pie crusts from your favorite fruit CSA.
  • already made pies. There is no shame in this! If baking is not your thing, there are plenty of places to order pies from.
  • sides to go. This is brilliant, you roast the turkey and heat up the sides when dinner is almost ready. CostCo, you have my heart.
  • turkey to go. Sides are your forte, or you get your guests to bring their favorite. Either way, someone else cooks the turkey for you. Go for it!
  • already made dinner. Again, who cares! The important part is sitting together at the table, sharing stories, reconnecting. If that means you buy the whole dinner already made, so be it.
  • eat out. SHUT. UP. You can do that? You can go to a restaurant where they are experts in cooking dinner foods and you can eat there. Genius.

What are your favorite shortcuts, or lifesavers as we will now be calling them? How do you get through the holidays unscathed?