NaBloPoMo: Kitchen fails


I was cleaning out my office today, in an attempt to reign in the chaos, and found an old piece of shuttersisters note paper from a blog conference I attended years ago with what appear to be a list of kitchen fails. Not sure why I have this, but I find it humorous. Normally I just let kitchen failures wash over me and move onto the next project (not so work failures, those I tend to obsess about). For some reason, maybe as a writing prompt, I was tasked to write them down. Apparently I meant to write about these failures before, but as I said, the office is a mess and this paper was just unearthed. Yes, I do wonder what other treasures I will discover.

Here is the list of my kitchen failures, recorded on a random piece of paper:

  • no sugar in pudding – I have a favorite chocolate pudding from Linda Zimmerman’s Puddings, Custards and Flans, that I love to made. Once I forgot the sugar. That was yucky.
  • one time I spent a good hour boiling a chicken for chicken enchiladas, and my husband drained the chicken and dumped all the rich broth down the drain. Oops.
  • a couple summers ago I was oven roasting tomatoes and accidentally left them in overnight. Wrinkly.
  • I thought I could cook pumpkin in the pressure cooker. As I recall, it came out the top of the cooker. Messy.
  • frozen persimmon pulp looks just like frozen tomato paste in the freezer. Was not a good addition to my Bolognese sauce. I got better at labeling for the freezer after this.

The last one I wrote down was “2 pounds of penne con broccoli down disposal”. I am not 100% certain what happened here. Thats a lot of food to shove down the disposal (I am sure the plumbers out there are cringing) but it must have been inedible.

The photo above is today’s kitchen failure. I was experimenting with a new recipe for meat and squash pie, which called for 1/2 cup of cooked rice. Using a recipe I found online, I was attempting to cook a little batch of rice in the microwave. Something did not go to plan and I came out and found this hocky puck. A quick stop at the store for that frozen, 3-minutes rice, and I was back in business.

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