NaBloPoMo: Eating at Disneyland

We recently had a quick trip to Disneyland with the family, and I found a couple of restaurants and casual dining options that are worth sharing.

We enjoyed breakfast at Rancho del Zocalo Restaurante, which had a nice American breakfast, as well as a south of the border option. We enjoyed Chiliquiles while the kids had a standard eggs and biscuit breakfast.

I am a huge fan of corn dogs, and love the little red truck just outside Tomorrow Land in Disneyland. We also had good corn dogs in California Adventure towards the end of the park next to Goofy’s Sky School.

Another favorite for breakfast is the Carnation Café, right on Main Street in Disneyland. Through the Disneyland app, you can make reservations, or you can try to do a walk in reservation. On very busy days, the wait can be long, but my family feels it is worth it!

After our last evening in the park, we stopped into Napa Rose located in the Grand Californian Hotel. In addition to a delightful Sazerac, we also had a beautiful cheese plate that was deliberately chosen and represented many lovely cheeses from the West Coast.

Where do you like to eat in Disneyland? Any special recommendations? Visit the Kitchen Gadget Girl Facebook page and leave a comment, I would love to hear from you!