NaBloPoMo: Urban hiking in San Francisco

When we travel to new cities, I especially enjoy the opportunity to walk the streets and get a feel for our new location. At home, when I want the same feeling, I go on urban hikes.

San Francisco has many different urban hikes available to the adventurous and casual traveler in life. In September, I went on a long hike that started at the Cliff House, went through Lands’ End, around by the Golden Gate Bridge, and through the Presidio to finish at The Lyon Street steps.

And another trip in San Francisco had me starting in the outer sunset, and walk towards Grandview Park. I walked the beautiful Mosaic Staircase, a neighborhood endeavor to create a beautiful welcoming community space.

Last month, along with a group of hiking friends, we went through parts of Nob Hill and down into the downtown area of San Francisco. We explored some of the rooftop public open spaces, a treat in a city full of high-rises.

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