NaBloPoMo: Bravery in the kitchen

My little secret is that every time we have a dinner party, I like to try completely new recipes. The newer the better. Some might call this brave. I call it short attention span. Usually it works out, except for that Cookbook Dinner Club where it did not:

Being brave with my cooking is much more interesting and challenging to me. Being creative in the kitchen, trying new things, is good. I like feeling pushed. I have a friend who has a dinner club, and each month they are supposed to make a dish outside of their comfort zone. One month, I remember hearing about a lobster bisque which started from scratch with live lobsters. That kind of bravery is fun, and as long as you have a good group coming for dinner, is well received.

When have you showed bravery in the kitchen? What was the result? Visit the Kitchen Gadget Girl Facebook page and leave a comment, I would love to hear from you!