Souvenirs of a Kitchen Gadget Girl

As you know, we like to travel, and 2013 has been a great year for us. We have been hither and yon several different times. My family does not tolerate a ton of shopping, but when they let me loose, I love to seek out fun kitchen tools and gadgets to bring home. Here is my collection from this year’s travels:


From Kustermann’s in Munich, I found this Clack Egg Topper from Take-2 Design in Germany. I use it to remove the tops of soft boiled eggs for breakfast!


From a kitchen store along the Kappabashi Dori in Tokyo, I brought home Tokai stainless steel tongs as a gift of friendship from Kyoko. Very handy for serving at dinner!


From Illums Bolighus in Copenhagen, I found this cute Lucie Kaas Bordfolk (Table People) to bring home for my morning soft boiled eggs (theme, maybe?)


From the Wallåkra Stenkarlsfabrik in Vallåkra, I picked up a Swedish butter spreader, like the one pictured above. Mine is made of juniper wood and has a wonderful aroma, and we use it daily for our butter and toast.

And during a walk around Lund, Sweden, in Western Skåne, I bought a 1dl measuring cup, manufactured by the Swedish company Linden-Jonas. The 1dl is the perfect size to make many of the recipes my Swedish friends have shared!

What is the most interesting souvenir you have ever brought home from vacation?

Photos courtesy of Take-2 Design, Tokai, Lucie Kaas, Ingebretsens, and Linden-Jonas.