Cookbook Book Club: Around My French Table with Dorie Greenspann

Right around the New Year, Valerie of Suburban Bites suggested a cookbook dinner club via her wall on Facebook. Sort of like a book club, in that everyone “reads” the same cookbook and then gets together for a potluck dinner to discuss. Since we don’t live geographically close to each other, and because I thought her idea was such a great one, I asked if I could poach it for my own use. Valerie, ever generous, agreed immediately.

I assembled a group of like-minded women, suggested a day and time, and threw out a starting book – Around My French Table with Dorie Greenspan. I purchased this book when it came out in 2010 and have enjoyed the easy, straight forward recipes. Plus the pictures, the gorgeous, gorgeous pictures.

Since I owned a copy, I lent it around. One of the other women checked it out from the library (my new favorite place to find new cookbooks, BTW), and yet another found a recipe on Epicurious from the book. We used Google Docs to track what everyone wanted to bring (thanks to Donna for bringing both her top two choices) and on the big day, we arrived with our dishes ready to eat. Our menu looked like this:


And here are a few photo highlights from the dinner. The photographs do not generally do the dishes justice, they were all outstanding and we ate very well that night.

Next up for the Cookbook Club is a in-depth look at Paula Wolfert’s many cookbook contributions, including her latest, Food of Morocco.