Dehydrated Persimmons: Pretty holiday snack (recipe)

Last week our piano teacher hosted a holiday salon, which is sort of like a piano recital for adults. Instead of playing in a large performance hall, we play in her living room. In December, we always have a little reception after, with wine and nibbles. A fellow pianist, Ida, brought along dried Hachiya persimmons. Served in a bright blue bowl, these dried treats were a delightful change from the usually sugar-heavy holiday tables.

This morning I sliced up a dozen Hachiya persimmons from my neighbor Clay and ran them through the dehydrator, 135°F for 8 hours. For best results, wait until the persimmons are very orange, almost to the point where they start becoming soft and squishy (but before they become soft and squishy, which will make them hard to slice thin). Sprinkle with Chinese Five Spice or Garam Masala. Plain ‘ole cinnamon is good too!

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