Family Dinner Plan: Busy holiday week

Our first week without a box from Mariquita Farms and it is probably a good thing. We have a busy post-holiday week ahead and I think we may end up eating out more than in. Last week’s menu turned out well – the Lime-Cilantro Sweet Potatoes were excellent, and while the crab feed lacked crab (still on strike), we had a great afternoon in Santa Cruz. Hope I can channel some of that relaxing this week when things get crazy!

Here is my dinner plan for the week of November 27:

Cookie of the Week: Traditional Chocolate Chip

Sunday: T-Day redux – Turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts, green beans, pumpkin and pecan pies

Monday: Pizza with soccer team

Tuesday: Pizza with other soccer team

Wednesday: Quick dinner out between soccer and talent show (yeah, lots of soccer this week)

Thursday: Turkey dinner leftovers, with addition of mashed potatoes

Friday: Who knows! Trashy TV and Takeout, hopefully, but I am guessing I will feel like cooking after all our dinner’s out. Maybe something easy, pasta with meatballs.

I did visit the Farmer’s Market this morning to pick up a few things (beets, carrots, kiwi and green beans) and took a few photos of what is seasonal and local. Looks pretty tasty!