Family Dinner Plan: Leftovers and last box


From a menu planning standpoint, last week was a disaster. The menu plan was good, but our schedule was all wonky, and we ended up abandoning the entire plan by Tuesday night. We still ate well and at this point in the season, many of the vegetables in our box from Mariquita have good staying power, so we can just use the leftovers this week.

Thursday was our last box from Mariquita for the season (sign up now for next year!) Our box contained a Winter Luxury Pumpkin (already roasted for pie), Parsley Root, Celery, Gala Apples, Red Potatoes, Gold Chard, Yellow Chantenay Carrots and Pan di Zucchero (Italian vegetable resembling endive or chicory, but huge).

Here is my dinner plan for the week of November 20:

Sunday: (leftover from last Thursday) Pork Chops, Lime-Cilantro Sweet Potatoes, seared kohlrabi (see recipe here), watermelon radishes with ranch dressing

Monday: Israeli couscous salad with Apple, Fennel and Parsley Root, sauteed chard, hummus, carrot and celery sticks, pita bread

Tuesday: Vegetarian chili (from the freezer), corn bread, carrot and celery sticks

Wednesday: Annual crab feed, I hope the crab fisherman reach a decision

Thursday: Thanksgiving (we bring pies, appetizers and cocktails)

Friday: Leftovers

What is on your menu plan this week? Share your favorite Thanksgiving recipe!

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