Cookie Thursday: Sparkling Ginger and Chocolate Cookies

Michelle has been nagging suggesting I bring back this feature, Cookie Thursday, from last year; she has written several times about how much she enjoyed reading about what we were baking in our kitchen. Unfortunately, do to insane after school schedules, and lack of interest on the part of the kids (not in eating the finished product, mind you, just creating them), I have stopped baking every Thursday with the kids. Now I just bake when I find a free moment, or when the mood strikes. Which is still pretty much weekly.

Today I pulled together this quick recipe for Sparkling Ginger Chip Cookies, from 101 Cookbooks. As Heidi said in the intro notes, this recipe is easy to throw together without the mixer. I made a few changes, most notably using 1 cup whole wheat flour and 1 cup cake flour in place of the 2 cups whole wheat pastry flour. Also, I did not have enough unsulphured molasses, so I used brown rice syrup to make up the difference.

The chocolate was the same, and in the future I would look to add ginger chips along with the chocolate, since I think the cookie might be interesting with that addition. It felt as though there was too much ginger in the original recipe, but after baking it was just the right amount. I also baked mine a little bigger than the recipe recommends, and increased the cooking time to 12-14 minutes.

Kids gave these a thumbs up and I think they will make a nice cookie this holiday season.

Have you tried a new cookie recipe recently? What do you crave this time of year?