Monday Menu Plan: Chicken Boobies

The ridiculous: this photo from our cooking class with Jonathan of Eat Right at Home and Mariquita Farms. The chicken has boobies. Snicker.

Last week, Mariquita Farms dropped off a mystery box, so I am back to menu planning. I found Baby Carrots, Dill, Savoy Cabbage, Baby Spinach, Calçots, Winter Density Lettuce, Beets, Fennel, Broccoli, Green Garlic and Castelfranco Radicchio. Our CSA deliveries from Mariquita start this week (not too late to sign up!), and as I did last year, each Monday I will post my menu plan for the week. Helps me get through the box, reduce food waste and try new recipes.

Here is my plan for the week of Monday, March 14:

Monday: Roast pork tenderloin, roast Acorn and Delicata squash, sauteed spinach, Winter green salad with roasted beets

Tuesday: Winter chicory salad with grilled green garlic, pancetta and soft-cooked egg (kids are not going to go for this, so it will be waffle night for them!)

Wednesday: Vegetable stir fry with somen noodles (broccoli, green garlic, carrots)

Thursday: Green dinner for St Patrick’s Day – Green Garlic Soup, Mint Pie

Friday: St Patrick’s Day Feast – I am still thinking I will go back to Corned Beef and Cabbage, since I am such a traditionalist. But I do have these lamb menus to consider.

I will save the calçots onions for the weekend, the require a little extra preparation. Jonathan showed us how – blacken on the grill and then steam in a paper bag for an hour. Serve with excellent Spanish dipping sauce. In fact, the sauce was so good, I need to figure out another use for it.

P.S. Learning for today – the do-hicky under the c in Calçots is a cedilla. To make one on a Mac, click OPT then c for lower case, and OPT plus SHIFT and c for uppercase. Now you know.