12 Days of Local Christmas, 2010: Kika’s Treats

All summer long, a group of food trucks has been circling up on Friday nights outside Fort Mason to bring together many different tastes of San Francisco in one place in an event called Off the Grid. I finally snuck in a visit in early November, just to see what things looked like. I had been at the Foodbuzz Welcome Event for the previous couple of hours, and had eaten my fair share of yummies, so I wasn’t really in the mood to try any of the food carts that showed up. I wanted to check out the band, watch the people and feel like a hipster from the ‘burbs.

Until I came upon Kika’s Treats. Then it was all over.

Kika’s Treats is a small, San Francisco-based company, crafting small-batch organic treats. Cristina Besher, the master behind Kika’s, uses only local and organic ingredients, just what I look for in a product. Oh, and I did I tell you how great they taste? The night I visited OTG, I tried Kika’s caramelized dark-chocolate graham cracker s’more. What an outstanding representation of this summer BBQ favorite. And believe me, I will never go back to the Hershey’s-Puffs-Honeymaid s’mores now that I have tried Kika’s. Homemade graham cracker on the bottom, marshmallow in the middle with just the right amount of heat, topped with a dark-chocolate covered graham cracker on the top. I bought the s’more, walked around while I ate it, and circled back to Kika’s to learn more.

For the holidays, Kika’s Treats offers a couple different options. Personally, I think a box (or two) of the dark-chocolate covered graham crackers would be great in a stocking. I am so stuck on those, but Kika’s offers a lovely selection of flavored shortbread and Brazilian honeycakes. If you are looking for a gift with more components, Kika’s Treats is also featured in several La Cocina Gift Boxes this season (La Cocina = Food crafter incubator in San Francisco).

The easiest way to find Kika’s Treats is to order online, but you can also find them at a few stores in San Francisco, including the La Cocina Booth and the Village Market, both at the Ferry Building.

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