12 Days of Local Christmas, 2010: Salsabol


Gudrun (you are probably asking yourself) why are you featuring this kitchen gadget, which is not an edible food item. Three standout reasons:

A. The Salsabol was designed by two local recent college grads (I almost called them kids, then thought better of it. But I am sure they are at least a decade or two younger than I am, and as we all know, I just celebrated my 39th birthday. Again.)

2. The Salsabol can hold all sorts of salsas, and other dips, that can be made by you or bought locally.

III. The name of this blog is Kitchen Gadget Girl, and occasionally it is a good idea to stay true to the brand.

After highlighting Bison Organic Beer last week, I thought it would be fun to bring you a salsa bowl which would pair nicely for holiday gatherings. I plan to bring mine to Thanksgiving this week, filled with artichoke and crab dip!

Created in 2009, the Salsabol is the party-animals answer to messy fingers. Tom and Michael, the great minds behind this product, did what many of us have been dying to do – they thought up an interesting product and decided to bring it to the market. The Salsabol is an elegantly crafted ceramic bowl that features a unique, spill-proof lip that pushes your salsa or dip back onto your chip. And it comes in any color you want, as long as that color is yellow.

The best part? At $12.99 a bowl, this will not break the bank. Shipping might, however. Although, since shipping is a flat $6.49, you might just want to order a Salsabol for everyone on your list (stocking stuff, yes!) and save yourself a couple bucks.

Photo courtesy of Salsabol.

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