Product Review: Tortilla Land Tortillas

Last month, Jane from This Week for Dinner, suggested I try a new product from Tortilla Land, uncooked corn and flour tortillas, available at CostCo. We are a tortilla eating family, especially on Taco Night. And tortillas are the last thing I think about when getting dinner ready, reaching for a package of pre-made/pre-cooked tortillas, slamming them in the microwave right before we sit down to eat.

With the Tortilla Land product, you definitely have to plan a little better. Start while your taco meat is working its magic on the stove top, and by the time all the side dishes are ready, so will the tortillas. And don’t make the mistake we made the first time, using a small fry pan. Get out your big stovetop griddle, otherwise, you will be permanently chained to the stove throughout dinner, much the way you are on pancake mornings.

Logistics aside, these were very tasty tortillas. I prefer the corn, but most of my family liked the flour, especially since they can puff up so high. Because you cook them yourselves, you can make them as crispy or soft as you like.

I used them for Taco Night, twice, as well as for a batch of Chilaquiles. The corn tortillas come 48 to a pack, packed into groups of 12. The one downside of the product is the amount of plastic packaging that is included, as each corn tortilla has a piece of plastic between it and the next, and then each group of 12 is packed into plastic, all put together in a big plastic resealable bag. Not sure how to get around that, though.

From the company website, here is their story:

Founded over twenty-five years ago, Circle Foods based its foundation on being an innovator of high quality, authentic specialty food products. We celebrate a tradition of bringing great tastes to the table. We have facilities in San Diego and Union City, California. At both of these state-of-the art facilities we create, inspire, and bring a wide variety of great-tasting foods. Our brands include the famous TORTILLALAND® uncooked tortillas, our NUEVO GRILLE® Mexican fare, and our impeccably elegant LA TERRA FINA™ brand with favorites such as all-natural, 100% egg white Quiche. And within our product development labs, new fresh ideas are being baked up every day.

Since they are made in California, they fit my local standards. And, if you see these in your nearby CostCo, I would recommend giving them a try. For recipe ideas, check out the Tortilla Land Facebook Page.

These tortillas were sent to me to try, I did not pay for them. However, I was not asked to write the review in exchange for the tortillas. I am writing the review because I think some of my readers might enjoy this product too.