Book Review: Hello, Cupcake!

When my friends Christy and Tim gave me Hello, Cupcake! for my birthday, I was surprised. I am not that much into cupcake making, although I have been known to make a cupcake cake or two. Also, while I like to decorate my kid’s birthday cakes, some of these books have a way of being over the top.

Not so, Hello, Cupcake!

From the outset, the book’s tone is very casual and comforting. The authors, Karen Tack and Alan Richardson, lay out the steps in easy to follow directions. The very beginning of the book covers the basics of cupcake decorating, and shows loads of useful techniques, including piping frosting from Ziploc bags and dipping cupcakes to create a smooth finish.

My favorite technique was learning how to make the multi-colored frosting used for grass and puppy fur. The book also includes recipes in the back for cake and frosting, although the authors are quick to point out they prefer using canned frosting for some of the effects.

On July 5th, we had the opportunity to use the book, as my kids wanted to make the Corn on the Cob cupcakes (all by themselves!). And as you can see below, they turned out pretty good!

I recommend this book for home bakers who like to experiment, culinary kids, as well as more serious bakers looking for new techniques. Tell me, have you tried any recipes from this book?


  1. I’ve flipped through this book and the one recipe that really stood out for me was this corn on the cob cupcake recipe! They’re so cute. I also like the pool ball cupcakes…my husband may get those for his birthday.

  2. Oh, I love this book! I’ve seen it at Costco but was too cheap to buy it, I think I’m something like number 258 on the waiting list on Paperback Swap! Hoping to get that one!!! Thanks for sharing these super cute cupcakes.

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