Gadget Review: Eat Smart Precision Pro Kitchen Scale (Giveaway)

Read to the bottom to learn more about the giveaway!

William from Eat Smart products contacted me in December about reviewing the recently updated and improved Precision Pro Kitchen Scale. And 2 months later, I am finally getting around to it!

I have a scale that I used fairly often for cooking – the difference between 4 and 5 ounces of flour can make a big difference in baked goods. One of my cookie recipes calls for the dough to be divided in half, which a scale also comes in handy. And, some of my European-style cookbooks often call for weights alone in the recipes.

Out of the box, the Precision Pro is easy to set up – the scale comes with batteries, so I did not need to hunt through the junk drawer to get started. And it sits nicely on the counter, with 5 rubber feet. It is lightweight, not too annoying to bring in and out of your cupboard when you need to weigh something.

Some of the new features include a 3 minute auto-turnoff, which I found very handy, as I usually take a while to measure my ingredients and my current scale will sometimes shut off in the middle. I also liked that the buttons to change the unit of measurement and the tare (setting your bowl to zero) were on the top. The scale table was far enough away from the buttons that I could use one of my big mixing bowls and still see the data.

The only complaint I had about this scale was that it is too accurate. It calculates to the thousandth place (three places beyond the decimal point) a level of accuracy I rarely need in my home cooking. This feature would probably come in handy for anyone on a special diet or needing precise measurements of their food.

The Precision Pro Kitchen Scale retails from $24.95 – $26.95, and at that price, would be a worthwhile investment and useful kitchen gadget to have around.


And now for the giveaway! To enter, please leave a comment below, with your best reason for needing a highly accurate, lightweight, digital scale. A random winner will be chosen using, and announced on Tuesday, February 24th. Incomplete entries will be disqualified. Deadline: February 22nd!


  1. That’s a nice looking scale. My best reason to need a scale is to weigh the ingredients for my puff pastry recipe. I am always off if I don’t use one, LOL.

  2. The scale I bought several years ago is analog (it has a rotating marker that you have to set) and I feel like I can’t read it accurately. This one sounds fabulously accurate and easy to read. Bet my Pizza dough would come out much better.

    Another use for a kitchen scale : Yarn! After I knit one sock I know that I’ll have enough for the second sock by weighing the remaining yarn and comparing that to the weight of the completed sock. Once I was so worried that I took my yarn to the post office to weigh it. (yes, I’m a dork – but in a good way 😀 )

  3. I have been told by many people that the only way to bake properly is to use a scale. I do some baking, but I would really love to do some BAKING. It would help me to step things up a bit more and with my at times questionable eyesight, digital is the way to go. No brainer…

  4. In our move a few years ago I parted with my kitchen scale. I’ve kicked myself many times since then and the bruises start to ache. Maybe a new scale? 🙂

  5. I have been cooking for many years, but as far as baking goes, I haven’t practiced it that much. This is due to not enjoying desserts. I have found my new passion is to bake for others. They enjoy the fruits of my labor and I enjoy becoming a better baker.

    This scale would make my baking precise, which I have found is important. Also, one of my cooking magazines has switched to using a scale vs. measuring cups for flour. Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. I am trying to lose 100+ pounds. I feel that this scale would accurately measure my portions to help me with this goal. This scale will also help me maintain a healthy lifestyle change.

  7. I have an old Weight Watchers digital scale that I use all the time. I do weigh flour and sugar for baking. It can make a great deal of difference. But it is old and I probably could use a new one. This looks like the one.

  8. My old digital scale is on its last legs, because I have used it to death. It is stained with the evidence and memories of countless culinary adventures, triumphs and mishaps both. Its buttons stick. It is nearly impossible to turn on any more, and literally impossible to turn off. I have to rely on the auto-turnoff for that.

    So, generically, I need a new scale. More specifically, I agree with you that having the metric/English and tare buttons on top and the scale pan offset is a major win. Any remotely large bowl or plate on my current scale obscures the buttons and the readout.

    I hope whomever is selected randomly to receive the scale enjoys it. I can promise you that if that person is me, the scale will have a hard-working rewarding career in a loving home. 😉

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