Thirteen dinners for a hot night

This week, our temperatures have been in the upper 90s, some days topping out at over 100F. I certainly do not feel like getting into a hot kitchen at the end of a hot day and cooking up a hot dinner. So here are 13 dinners for hot nights:

  1. Falafel with pitas, hummus, tzatzki, and tabouli
  2. Taco Salad (this is what my Mom used to make on hot summer nights!)
  3. Sushi, edamame and seaweed salad
  4. Curry Chicken Salad on a bed of lettuce
  5. Cold sliced meats and cheeses, served with excellent breads* and mustards
  6. Orzo and shrimp salad, served in a 1/2 an avocado
  7. Smoothies and milkshakes (I throw in tofu for a little protein)
  8. Thai peanut noodles with cold sliced pork tenderloin
  9. Bruschetta with three toppings – tomatoes with basil, white bean puree and eggplant tapanade
  10. Fresh Corn on the Cob, dripping with butter and salt – yes, I can make a whole meal of this!
  11. Cold BBQ’d chicken with potato salad
  12. Cucumber soup (serve chilled)
  13. Leftover pizza – that should be eaten cold, right?

With many of the above, I would also serve a green salad, just to round things out.

What would you serve for dinner on a hot night?

* When having bread for dinner, I tend to get very high quality, artisan bread. Not like the bread for lunch sandwiches is bad, I just feel I need to take it up a notch for dinner.


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