Thirteen lunch ideas

Building on yesterday’s post about Laptop Lunches, here are 13 of my kids’ favorite lunches:

  1. Soy butter and jam sandwich, sliced apple, Pirate Booty, dried apricots
  2. Yogurt with strawberries, whole grain crackers, baby carrots, cheese stick
  3. Turkey Ham sandwich, rice chips, bell pepper with ranch dressing, grapes
  4. Noodle soup (in separate thermos), grapes, whole grain bread, cheese cubes
  5. Pita with hummus, cherry tomatoes, cucumber slices, blueberries
  6. Cheese and whole grain crackers, 1/2 banana (skin on), baby carrots
  7. Tortilla roll ups with PB&J, apricot, popcorn, cherry tomatoes
  8. Mac & Cheese (in separate thermos), salad with ranch dressing, apple slices
  9. Mini hotdogs with ketchup, whole grain bread, plum (or plums, depends on size), cookie
  10. Cream cheese and jam sandwich, mixed fruit salad, orange cauliflower with ranch dressing, treat
  11. Turkey meatballs with pasta and marinara (in separate thermos), pita chips, watermelon
  12. Sliced apples with soy butter, pita bread, baby carrots, dried cranberries
  13. Celery with soy butter and raisins (ants on a log), strawberries, Persian cucumber slices, muffin

Do you have a favorite lunch to share? Never to early to start collecting ideas for school!


  1. I would never have thought of putting Mac and Cheese in a thermous!

  2. Yum! What great ideas for lunches. And all very healthy!

    Happy TT 🙂

  3. Rollup with tabouleh and salad, I have one that will eat that. The other is a fluff and peanut butter guy. We all enjoy ham and cheese with cut up pickles with both mayo and mustard.

    Cream cheese and Jelly- that brought back memories! Good list. Wish I hadn’t eaten lunch before reading it.

  4. Those are some interesting ideas! I’ll have to try some of them sometime! Happy TT!

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