Mastery Challenge: Meyer Lemon Marmalade


Food in Jars has invited readers to join her for a year-long Mastery Challenge, where we will work together to learn pickling and preserving skills. The schedule includes: Calendar of Preserving Skills January – Marmalade February – Salt Preserving March – Jelly April – Quick Pickles May – Cold Pack Preserving June – Jam July

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My CSA Box: Still with the kohlrabi


  This week’s goal, work through the immense stash of kohlrabi in the fridge. Fortunately, The Kitchn has posted the Top 5 Ways to Prepare Kohlrabi. The kohlrabi soup and kohlrabi fritters both look good. Do you have any suggestions?  Our Fifth Crow Farms CSA is on hiatus until the winter session starts (sign up

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My CSA Box: How to prepare for Thanksgiving


  Our box from Fifth Crow Farms contained Rainbow chard, Baby spinach, “Blue Ballet” squash, Leeks, Carrots, Parsley, Red radishes, Green Cabbage and Cauliflower. There was an extra cauliflower in the trade box, so I riced that and packaged into 2-cup zip bags for the freezer. And, I hoard my winter squash, since they are

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My CSA Box: Cabbage and turnips (and cabbage-turnips)


Our wonderful vegetable box from Fifth Crow Farms features winter greens, squash and cabbage in many forms, as we move through November. This week we found Red potatoes, Rainbow chard, Butternut squash, Shallots, Baby spinach, Radicchio, Brussels sprouts, and Kohlrabi. And as the above photo shows, I received an extra helping of kohlrabi, seems to

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